Developing people

A coaching process helps to discover the most highest challenges and deepest goals, even those we consider unachievable, and get them fast, with commitment, through the change of habits and behaviors.

Developing teams

People and teams are the base of organization. Teams with a common vision, aligned with the organization and with internal relationship that enable success.  We support them to work as high effective teams.

Developing organizations

In the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty , Complexity, Ambiguity)  present environment, organizations need to quickly adapt to new situations, give solutions with agility and be able to learn from mistakes and react efficiently. We commit to work with our clients in changing and developing the organization to best adapt to the new challenges.

Successful Stories

  1. Newly promoted executives at IBEX company
    • Action: Coaching process of developing leadership skills over a period of 6 to 8 months.
    • Outcome: Strengthen team management skills, communication with senior management and growth of managerial profile.
  2. Expatriation of managers in multinational companies
    • Action: On-line support in the adaptation period of the manager to the new environment during a period of 6 months
    • Outcome: Improved leadership skills, understanding of the environment and balance between own  and  organization’s needs. Accelerated adaptation to the new environment.
  1. Loss of confidence and conflict in the management team of a multinational company subsidiary in an African country
    • Action: On-line and face-to-face intervention, individual and group
    • Result: Unlocking the situation, accepting responsibilities and starting trust recovery
  2. Team with conflicting dynamics and low performance
    • Action: Process including in-person intervention sessions with the team and individual interviews, as well as individual coaching process to the team leader and organizational measures
    • Outcome: Project in process, with a remarkable improvement in the relationship among its members, growth of the leader’s leadership and early indications of improved team performance.
  1. Reflection on the vision of the future of the founder and partners of a professional office to prepare the succession
    • Action: Focus interviews with partners and individual work with the founder
    • Outcome: Awareness of the different visions among the partners and the beginning of an action plan to advance the shared vision.
  2. Family business in expansion process with entry of financial partner that addresses an organizational and systems change.
    • Action: Support intervention design in change management with group dynamics focus interviews, individual coaching to key people and preparation of internal communication.
    • Result: reinforcement of  acceptance and commitment to change in key people and departments.
  1. Design and delivery of a training course to their intermediate managers in leadership skills for a multinational pharmaceutical company in the face of a relevant change in the environment
    • Action: Delivery of training of 9 key skills  to more than 80 managers in sessions of  groups of 20 people  with active dynamics to facilitate the assimilation of the contents.
    • Result: Acceptance of the new environment and the need to adopt new competencies and train their teams to adapt to new requirements.
  2. Design and delivery of a training program in coaching skills for a human resources team of a large service multinational
    • Action: Delivery of 4 days of a total of 25 teaching hours with presentations, practical exercises, simulations and delivery of documentation
    • Outcome: Acquire knowledge of executive coaching, training coaching skills to internally promote a culture of leader coaching.
  1. Manager of large chemical multinational, with global role that wants to address a change due to lack of satisfaction in her job and conflicting relationship with her manager.
    • Action: Career coaching process, on-line and face-to-face, with special emphasis on reflection on values, life priorities to explore possible alternatives over a period of 12 months.
    • Result: Clarify and take responsibility for the deterioration of the relationship with her manager, exploration of internal and external professional alternatives and acceptance of a new role with a higher level of resilience
  2. Family business executive, facing an exit caused by conflicts in the family
    • Action: Career coaching process with special emphasis on reflection on competencies and professional profile to generate realistic alternatives on next professional stage
    • Result: Career change, moving to a position of professional services in a consulting firm, combined with investments in start-ups achieving a high degree of professional satisfaction and diversification in sources of income.

What they say

Inside IESE framework I had the great opportunity to work with Marta. Even limited time (2 sessions), she has this unique ability to identify and strength your skills. She uses her great expertise to provide the tools you may need to make successful decisions. I highly recommend her.

Ivan Bosch,

I was delighted to be assigned Marta as my Executive Coach during the world class AMP Programme at IESE in Barcelona recently. We struck up a professional relationship very quickly and I was deeply impressed with her probing and profound input. Easy to trust, it was clear that she had fully considered my circumstances and background before helping me to improve upon my development aspirations. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Marta. Her professional and considered approach will add immeasurable value to anyone who is interested in getting a better understanding of themselves, their leadership and their opportunities to create the future that they aspire to.

Colin MacLeod,
CEO& Director

I had the pleasure of working with Marta for a period of time upon completing my GEMBA. We focused on refining my professional positioning in a context of personal and professional change. During this experience, Marta created a platform which allowed for greater introspection and autoevaluation. Marta's help and ability to observe the situations I faced and to review them from different angles was invaluable and a great tool that I will take with me further in my career and hopefully be able to share with others. Overall, my discussions with Marta were constructive and allowed me to raise my professional stakes by reinforcing the value proposition of my career todate. I would recommend Marta to anybody who seeks to reposition or feels the need to redefine their career direction in a time of professional uncertainty

Phil Nunan,
Hospitality Development Expert

Patricia y Marta desde esTalento ha apoyado en la consolidación y dinamización de los equipos de emprendedores que han pasado por las ediciones de Link to Start start y Linkto Grow Up, logrando que los emprendedores potenciaran su talento y capacidad gracias a establecer sólidas bases de colaboración como equipos de alto rendimiento.

Sonia Mulero,
Directora, Fundación Inlea

Patricia es una gran persona y una gran profesional. Totalmente orientada a las necesidades del cliente y dispuesta a acompañarte en el cambio con ilusión y optimismo. Con mucha paciencia, talento, experiencia y gran conocimiento de la empresa y de su entorno hace que uno saque lo mejor de si mismo

José Ramón Durán,
Director de Recambios, AUSA

Estuve haciendo sesiones de coaching profesional con Patricia durante varios meses. Destacar de ella que es una gran persona y una excelente profesional. Cuenta con un gran conocimiento de la empresa, así como tiene grandes habilidades para transmitir, lograr que cada uno saque lo mejor de sí mismo y pueda poner en valor sus cualidades. Sin duda, un gran apoyo en el desarrollo de mi carrera profesional.

Marta Salom,
Senior Financial Advisor, BISSAN Value Investing, EAFI

Patricia es una gran persona, fiable, optimista y se gana la confianza. Con profundo conocimiento del coaching profesional y en la gestión de las personas y de equipos profesionales. Es capaz de sacar lo mejor de cada uno. Vale la pena trabajar con ella

Alvaro Comella,
Consultor y Directivo de Empresas

Gran profesional con experiencia y habilidad para transmitirla. Realista y conocedora del entorno profesional es enormemente optimista y capaz de transmitir ese optimismo consiguiendo que saques lo mejor de ti mismo. Un apoyo seguro en el desarrollo de tu carrera profesional

Gaspar Alcaide,
Aftersales Training Worldwide at SEAT, SA

J’ai suivi 2 sessions de coaching exécutif en Français avec Patricia dans le cadre d’une formation à l’IESE. j’ai apprécié la méthode de travail de Patricia, qui a été réellement efficiente pour moi et ce malgré un programme court (2 sessions) ainsi que sa maîtrise parfaite de la langue française

Emmanuelle Walle,
VP Global Integrated Communications chez Kérastase (L'Oréal), Paris
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